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                              X-ray blood irradiator
                              X-ray blood irradiator
                              X-ray blood irradiator
                              X-ray blood irradiator X-RAD 3000
                              Pioneer of domestic X-ray blood irradiator
                              Radioactive source: X-ray
                              Design: independent vertical cabinet equipment with self-shielding design
                              The first domestic X-ray irradiator
                              An invention patent: uniform single X-ray source blood irradiator (201611206336.9)
                              Three utility model patents
                              Safe Irradiation at startup, no ray after shutdown
                              Stable The ray device has no half-life problem
                              Convenient and fast Simple handling of environmental protection procedures
                              Environmental protection No problem of radioactive source recycling
                              Convenience Lighter equipment, more convenient transportation and installation
                              Product Details