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                              Product market position
                              • Industry leading products (NO.1)

                                ● Reproductive tract mycoplasma culture, identification, drug sensitivity kit
                                ● Gold labelling rapid detection reagent for mycoplasma pneumoniae lgM antibody
                                ● Detection reagent for abnormal prothrombin (PIVKA-II)
                                ● Detection of salivary liquefaction carbohydrate antigen (KL-6)
                              • Star products: (market share: 90%)

                                ● Treponema pallidum antibody (TPPA) diagnostic reagent is the reference method for syphilis antibody detection
                                ● Mycoplasma pneumoniae antibody (MYCOII) diagnostic reagent is the reference method for mycoplasma pneumoniae infection
                                ● HIV antibody confirmation reagent (HIV BLOT2.2) is used by almost all HIV confirmation laboratories in China
                              • Market leading products

                                ●(SYVA) Drug concentration detection, which shares the national market share with Abbott
                              Number of customers
                              cooperation channels
                              Cover more than customers of all kinds nationwide
                              Honors & qualifications
                              • Be recognized as a Guangdong Innovative Enterprise in 2018

                              • Be approved to establish the "Postdoctoral Research Center" in Guangdong Province in 2018

                              • Be selected into the "Zhuhai Intellectual Property Protection Key Enterprise List" in 2017

                              • Be recognized as "Guangdong Provincial Level Enterprise Technology Center" in 2017

                              • Established Guangdong Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base in 2016

                              • Be recognized as "Guangdong Livzon In Vitro Diagnostic Engineering Technology Research Center" in 2015

                              • Obtained the certification of Zhuhai Reagent Key Enterprise Technology Center in 2008

                              • Obtained the certification of Guangdong New High-tech Enterprise in 2005 and re-certification in 2016